Connector newsletter: Dec 2018 - May 2019

The AA: Creating a Culture of Quality and Continuous Improvement
Connector newsletter: Dec 2018 - May 2019

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Connector newsletter: Jun 2018

This is such an exciting issue of the Connector - landmark even!

We start traditionally, with an extremely interesting case study of a Triaster customer: the AA. The AA have been working with Triaster for many years, so their case study covers not only their evaluation, choice and implementation of a Triaster System, but also details the quantified business improvements that they now achieve - of between £250K and £350K per annum.

Next its all new, as we introduce a brand new Triaster software tool: Ask the Crowd. Ask the Crowd is a simple and intuitive way to ask your users to suggest and vote on feature requests - in order to improve your products and services. We are delighted to introduce it to the Triaster Community and ask you to start using Ask the Crowd straight away - to feedback on all of Triaster’s products, including Ask the Crowd! There is a substantial thank you built-in.

Thirdly, we announce the unprecedented benefits which the release of the Triaster Platform 18.2 will bring - including free Process Navigator! Amazingly there is even more, but you will need to read the rest of the Connector to find out about it.

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