Connector newsletter: Jun - Dec 2018

Fugro: Successfully standardising global processes
Connector newsletter: Jun 2018

In this edition of Connector...

Connector newsletter: Jun 2018

There are two customer case studies in this issue and we also introduce you to two members of the Triaster team. So double the excitement all round.

The two case studies are for customers at quite different stages of their process improvement journey. Fugro have had a Triaster Process Library for some years and their case study sets out how they are putting their customers at the centre of their business, supported by one (Triaster) IMS for Europe and Africa.

UTC Aerospace Systems are a newer customer and their case study covers the implementation of their Triaster BMS from concept, to first audit by the BSI. We are grateful to both companies for sharing their experiences with us.

We also bring you up to date with Triaster Online, share the happenings at the last Triaster User Group meeting, highlight the best of recent blogs, share community news and... the very exciting news of a new range of process improvement tools.

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