Connector newsletter: Dec - May 2018

New Charter Group: How they saved £350k per annum!
Connector newsletter: Dec - May 2018

In this edition of Connector...

Connector newsletter: Dec - May 2018

With our new bi-annual format, we have a bumper Connector for you this issue.

The New Charter Group case study is particularly interesting, highlighting the extraordinary return on investment achievable from process improvement over just an 18-month period. £350K is very impressive by anybody’s standards.

We also have a couple of articles each by Michael Cousins and Jo Dolton. Mike focuses on the future of the Triaster Platform and Jo on Triaster services. The future they describe is bright and coming on 1st February 2018, launch day for the Triaster Managed Service and 17.2. We would love to see you at our launch event and have included your invitation on the back page.

We have had a lot of new starters at Triaster in the last six months and are delighted to introduce them. Lynn Dudenhoefer deserves a special mention because she has been heavily involved in putting this Connector together - hence all the great content.

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